Monday, May 14, 2007

Shelving the code

Came across this new feature called Shelving in the version control systems. Itz new to me atleast ;-). As a developer you made changes to the code, but not sure if that would lead to any issues since you have not tested the modifications and your are about to leave the office. You are also fearing that your machine might crashed before you login the next morning. Then, Shelving comes to help you.

Shelving serves as a backup on the respository but essentially, the file is not checked in. The shelving space is specific to the individual users. Shelving is not supported in CVS but in SVN and the VSTS. A really cool feature. Oh Yes, you may also argue that it is just another way of branching per developer.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I've heard of shelving as well in Microsoft TFS. However, in Accurev SCM, each user works in a private stream of development, virtually eliminating the need for private task branches and shelving. It is trivial to control whether a team or an individual works in openness (automatically receives the latest changes from its project) or in isolation (works on a stable configuration of the source code).

Worth a look.